6:4 Fellowship: Encouraging and Equipping Pastors for Vital Priorities

6:4 Fellowship: Encouraging and Equipping Pastors for Vital Priorities


A national fellowship for pastors calling us back to "prayer and the ministry of the word." Acts 6:4 

The 6:4 Fellowship is a fellowship of pastors committed to the ministry of prayer and the ministry of the word. The name “The 6:4 Fellowship” is simple and biblical – taken from the two vital priorities of Acts 6:4. These priorities defined New Testament leadership and gave early church leaders the courage to say “no” to distractions of lesser demands in order to focus on the supernatural heart of church leadership. The fellowship issues a clear call to practical equipping and regular encouragement for pastors in maintaining the heart of Scriptural and supernatural ministry. Its focus is not on what pastors are doing, but on what they are becoming; not on human standards of competency but the godly standards of character.

“The 6:4 Fellowship exists to facilitate a Christ-exalting reawakening of pastors to the sufficiency of the Spirit of God and the Word of God, working in and through the people of God through a return to the leadership priorities of Acts 6:4.”

National leaders include Daniel Henderson, Strategic Renewal; Jim Cymbala, Brooklyn Tabernacle; H.B. Charles, Shiloh Baptist, Jacksonville, FL; Vance Pitman, Hope Church, Las Vegas, NV; Bill Elliff, The Summit Church, Little Rock, AR, and others.





“We have more technology, money, leadership savvy, strategies and ministry tools than at any time in history. Our problem is not in failed resources, but in false reliance.” – Daniel Henderson, 6:4 National Director, and President, Strategic Renewal

"In the warfare that is Christian ministry, our primary weapons are prayer and the ministry of the word. If we neglect either one, we are going down. You must work to maintain your devotion to both of them and ensure that nothing supersedes these two priorities." - H.B. Charles, 6:4 National Resource Leader

"I am so thankful for the ministry of The 6.4 Fellowship and honored to serve as one of their National Resource Leaders. Their passion to see the church mobilized to desperate prayer and to preach the word in power is so needed in our day. I strongly encourage every pastor, church planter, and ministry leader to take advantage of this incredible kingdom resource. And best of all...it's totally free!" – Vance Pitman, 6:4 National Resource Leader



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